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70th Anniversary

From the Hudson Sun Article

Up from the ashes

a casaceli

Hudson native Richard F. Casaceli is third generation owner of Casaceli Trucking Inc.
(Rosemary Rimkus)

What started as an ash-collection service for coal-burning Hudson homes and schools, has diversified, developed and grown into the present day Casaceli Trucking Co. Coolidge Street, which marks its 70th anniversary this year.

The history of the local trucking company was the subject of third-generation president Richard F. Casaceli, at the Jan. 30 meeting of the Hudson Historical Society at First Federated Church Hall.

The Hudson native said that the family-owned trucking company has segued from ash collection in the 1930s, to a 4,000 customer rubbish collection business in the 1980s and 1990s, into its current work of land excavation, septic system pumping, roll-off container pick-up, and recently, truck maintenance and repair.

Tracing the history of one of the town’s oldest commercial firms, Casaceli said his paternal grandfather, Milo Casaceli (born Emilio Casaceli) acquired the business of   Hudson resident Arthur Wilkins in 1937.

 “Wilkins shoveled ashes, picked up rubbish, delivered groceries and helped the post office with bulk main from the train,” said Casaceli. “My grandfather continued the same services, and his ‘woody’ (station wagon) was a familiar sight in the town in the 1940s,” he continued.     

Milo’s son, Frank Casaceli joined the business after graduation from Hudson High School in 1947, and five years later the first tractor-loader was purchased.

“That was the beginning of the excavation and earthmoving projects,” said Richard Casaceli, Frank’s son.

For many years the company had its home office at 89 Cottage St., where garages were added in 1962. Frank Casaceli bought land on Coolidge Street (Route 62) in 1968, built a shop at the company’s current location, and in the next 10 years built other additions, including a two-story office.

“With the company at a larger and more noticeable location, the loam, stone and mulch part of the business grew steadily,” said Richard Casaceli, who began working part time with his father’s company in 1977, when he was 13.

“Our business got a real boost in the early 1980s,” said the younger Casaceli, “when Junior Cellucci helped bring Digital Equipment Corporation to Hudson.”

The trucking company got contracts to remove construction and operational trash, in addition to the snow plowing contract, and eventually landed the Assabet Valley Regional High School plowing contract as well.

The rubbish collection grew to 4,000 residential and commercial customers by 1993, but the advent of mandatory recycling complicated the pick-up process. The rubbish business was sold and a new focus was sought.

When Richard Casaceli became company president in 1999, he began expanding the excavation and septic pumping part of the business, including road building jobs. 

“In 2004, we went back into the rubbish business, but in a different way,” said Casaceli. They began offering roll off container service, in which 10-wheel trucks pick up and empty 10-to-30 yard containers.

Their biggest excavation job started in 2005, when they contracted to excavate cellar holes for a 66-unit townhouse project at the former Sauta Farm on lower Main Street.

In a further diversification, a second mechanic was hired this past year and the firm now offers skilled maintenance and repairs of cars, trucks and construction equipment.

Another recent hire was a fourth-generation Casaceli, Jacob Casaceli, 22, who is working in accounts payable in the business started by his great-grandfather, continued by his grandfather and now headed by his father.      



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